September 28, 2024

Tasting starts at Noon


Past Potentates

  • 2022 - Eric Wedge - Wichita State Baseball Head Coach
  • 2021 - Gordon Ramsay - Wichita Police Chief
  • 2020 - COVID
  • 2019 - Mike Kennedy
  • 2018 - Dancin' Don Hall
  • 2017 - Bob Lutz
  • 2016 - Miss Kansas 2016 - Kendall Schoenekase
  • 2015 - Mayor Jeff Longwell
  • 2014 - Anne Keefer
  • 2013 - Steve McIntosh
  • 2012 - Bonnie Bing
  • 2011 - Jeff Herndon - KAKE
  • 2010 - Guy Bower - Entercom Radio
  • 2009 - Tim Norton - Sedgwick County Commissioner
  • 2008 - Don & Shirley Beggs - President & First Lady WSU
  • 2007 - Mayor Carl Brewer
  • 2006 - Steve Fairchild - Old Town Association
  • 2005 - Gene Stephenson - WSU Baseball Coach

Noblesse Oblige of the Potentate to the Wagonmaster's Downtown Chili Cookoff

Former Potentate, Former Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer
Former Potentate - Former Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer
Former Potentate Steve Fairchild
Former Potentate - Steve Fairchild


Duties Hereto Ascribed Unto The Potentate of the Wagonmaster's Downtown Chili Cookoff:

The Potentate is the Ambassador of Good Times, and shall shepard said Good Times to the visitors attending the event of the Wagonmaster's Downtown Chili Cookoff.

  1. Adorned in attire befitting a person of great impote, and befitted with an appropriate Scepter-de-Chili, the Potentate shall parade across the Downtown Chili fiefdom in Grande Custom, escorted by enthusiastic disciples of Chili. Eagerly, the Potentate shall visit the brave Contenders of the Wagonmaster's Downtown Chili Cookoff competition and roust them to deliver a fervent example of their 'Spirit'.
  2. Upon witness to the entrant's instance of 'Spirit', and following meticulous evaluation, the Potentate shall ascertain which team epitomizes the finest example of this 'Spirit'. Thusly, the Spirit Award is bestowed upon said team by the Potentate.
  3. Following the tasting of Chili of Arbiters of Good Taste, and their final discriminating decisions, with Grand Purpose, the Potentate shall extend awards of adequate observance to the victors, and pause to pose with them for a moment of historical preservation.
  4. Whilst engaged in the circumstance, the Potentate shall be quaffed with perpetual beverage and nourishment exceeding that of average quality.

Ex-libris 2008, Don Grant, Chili Dipper III